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Forever Strong

Blood for Noxus

An art blog for Katarina Du'Couteau from the League of Legends Universe

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"…….Does Talon really look that incapable to you??”

"To answer your idiocy, I’ll tell you this: Talon is one of the 3 best blade masters Noxus has to offer. Myself and my father are the other two. So no, I don’t worry about him while he goes off and does his business. Keep in mind, simply because I do not worry… Well… That hardly means that he isn’t a brother to me."

"As for how difficult it is to fight him on the fields… With as much summoner interference as there is, plus our limited abilities and control… No, he’s no more difficult to fight against than any of the others; outside of the Fields however… Well… He’s still not better than me, but he’s a hell of a lot more talented than those idiot summoners let him be."